These are just a few random videos that we have from when we created our website a few years ago. We will be revamping and have all the entertainment from that site (Insane real life stories, articles, videos, etc.) back by 2018. Meantime, here are just a few of the videos...


How did I become an Emmy Nominated Reporter? Clearly my professionalism
and maturity, as I make my TV debut here! I was working behind the scenes,
but they valued my opinion (and entertaining personality!) enough to put me on air!

And this is probably why I don't have any friends...


Spur of the moment, they wanted to bring me back on camera - although
not having a microphone makes describing the food a little bit more challenging...


My 15 minutes of fame turns into half an hour of shame and embarrassment as I make my National TV debut
on the game show "Street Smarts."


Most people know me as being a very funny comedian, but I'm actually a hardcore gangster my character "Jimbo" wins 1st place in a freestyle rap battle.

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