These are just a few random videos that we have from when we created our website a few years ago. We will be revamping and have all the entertainment from that site (insane real life stories, videos, articles, etc.) back after we publish The Book about my life and death(s)!

Meantime, here are just a few of the videos...


Everyone always asks, how did I got nominated for an Emmy, only my 2nd time ever on-air as a Reporter?
Clearly my professionalism and maturity in journalism, as I make my TV News debut here!
I was working behind the scenes in Production, but everyone valued my opinion (and entertaining personality) enough to put me on air!

And this is probably why I don't have any friends...


Spur of the moment, they wanted to bring me back on camera - although stuffing my fat face, while not having a microphone on, makes describing the food a little bit more challenging...


My 15 minutes of fame turns into half an hour of shame and embarrassment as I make my National TV debut
on the game show "Street Smarts."


Most people know me as being a very funny comedian, but I'm actually a hardcore gangster my character "Jimbo" wins 1st place in a freestyle rap battle!

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