Emmy Nominated Comedian, John Massé  (Producer/Writer/Host) is back with a brand new pilot episode! Yes, it's only a single episode, yes, there is a lot more to come in the future, and yes, "he" never talks in the third person.

The show is a compilation of skits that are either sketch comedy, parodies, or off the wall ridiculousness that don't have much to do with anything. Even though this program has no comparison, if Chappelle's Show, Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, and Celine Dion had a baby, it would be this show.

Although this program is broadcast on TV, released on DVD, and skits are posted online, it is all encompassing. Whether it's feature reporting on the news, performing standup comedy, being the life of the party, just joking with friends, or begging for money on the street - it is all sheer entertainment of what is considered, "The John Massé Show."

The goal of all this is to put out something entertaining that everyone can enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, it's okay. You're just wrong.

I love you all.





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