This is my 1st Standup Comedy performance since DYING! It felt good to be back on stage, but a little rusty, as you can tell. We will be posting more video soon, but just wanted to share since the only other video we have of on stage awesomeness, is the throwback from a high school talent show posted below!

And not to worry ladies, although I love my ex-roommates, they partied
a little too much for me to stay living with, after moving back East to rehab
after the accident, but it's all good now.


I've performed at "The Comedy Store" in California, but aside from the recent show posted above, this is the only video that we have of me performing Stand Up Comedy on stage. Yes, it's from way back in high school, and yes, I try to bribe the judges first, so the comedy starts a few minutes in. It's high school and I was just a kid, so don't mind the teenage humor - because the crowd loved it! I'll upload the whole show soon, but here's just a clip of me during the talent part of the show - and if you watch till the very end, you'll see a quick clip from the 2nd part of my act...
where I'm a white gangsta rapper. Holla!



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